Why Magic Toools

Listen to you, think and plan and then tell your story to us to Magic around you… Do you have a story to tell? You will find that we are listening with interactive ears that take note of the details and go beyond the comprehension of what you tell us. Our goal is to understand what you didn’t say… We believe that these tools have a special language that we can understand and use to build and maintain your relationships with your audience, to ensure that your message reaches the limit and to “enchant” and inspire everyone around you. We are simply “Magictools Masters”.

About Us

Magic Tools is a high-tech public relations consulting firm. Since its inception, MagicTools has grown significantly, supported by the loyalty of its employees, customers and partners, as well as the continuous development and modernization of new innovative and innovative services. MagicTools has accompanied the changing needs of its customers and has now become an icon in its service field. Public Relations, Event Planning, Creative Design, Media and Social Media, Marketing and Branding, Information Technology, Media Photography and Art Production, Magic Tools give another meaning to your business and is your companion to achieve your goals and ambitions! Read More


We believe that the Kingdom is open to the international arts and realize that the Saudi audience is hungry for art. We aspire to play a role in establishing and spreading the culture of music and to have a special footprint and to contribute to achieving the objectives of this openness by providing our services related to musical arts.

Consulting & Public Relations & Organizing events

In the modern world of our economy, the company’s performance is increasingly subject to its reputation with stakeholders and is related to the quality of its relationship with its surrounding environment, so the company continues to demonstrate its ability to respond to the economic and social challenges that come its way. We go beyond organizing events so that we can visualize your event concepts with the logic of our modern world where modern digital tools support the desired results. We will manage your event from start to finish, provide adequate logistical support and appropriate technical solutions, care about the human element and ensure that you enjoy the latest comfort and luxury.

Media & Visual Media & Creative Design

Modern media has changed much in the traditional communication model! The customer has found their own voice over social networks, which means more challenges for the brand. In order to access the wide segments of society, we offer you a variety of specialized tools to help you use your social media. We can create and manage your accounts on different platforms and create high-quality content for you and then set up a calendar for your publications according to your communication strategy. In order for your voice to reach the world, everyone must remember the words and images that will be displayed. Here we intervene to help you identify the right messages and choose the right media for your goals.

Website Development & Marketing & brand

Magic Tools advises you to develop custom websites and applications to take advantage of the best use of innovations on the web and mobile phones. Our team will definitely develop specialized websites or applications to achieve your best goals! Magic offers online marketing tool, Your marketing strategies are looking at the best techniques that come with concrete results.

Media photography & artistic production

Magic Tools provides technical advice and assistance, and in the production of photography and photography projects. We remain committed to maintaining the harmony between imaginative creativity, using the latest technologies and focusing on the desires and objectives of communication in each of our tasks.

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