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Change your life

Bespoke to each client. Holding you accountable for a better future outcome. You say you want a better life. But do you?Then let me help you go get it now!


I have mentored multiple clients. Here are just a few who have shared their personal success after working with me. FromCareer and addiction to rising from a rut …

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Public speaking,Management Accountability. Empowering human to human leadership. Personalised event days for leadership or management, shifting perceptions and ...

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Get yourself a personal Accountability Coach!Therapy works for some, yoga, gym, diets for others. Maybe you will combine them all but none will be as satisfying as …

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves

Leo Tolstoy

About Me

Peter Hird

Accountability Coach

Sound like you…

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time”

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling work scenario? Justifying it to yourselfbecause you need to pay bills - so you can’t change or leave? Do you believe that now you’re older that’s just how it is?You’re too old to learn anything new, and internet sensations just do not seem real to you? Your friends are all so busy at weekends, while yours simply come and go unfulfilled? Your relationship is stale and making you unhappy, you do not know how to fix it, so make do? Do you believe that waking up, going to work and returning so tired,having a bit of food and sleep then repeating it day after day is all you’re worth? Then …Wake the f*ck up and smellthatcoffee.co.uk!!!


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Email, call, WhatsApp, social media however you prefer. Just make the time to connect.Invest in a better you and wake up and smell that coffee :)

Coffee & Catch Up

Email, call, WhatsApp, social media however you prefer. Just make the time to connect.Invest in a better you and wake up and smell that coffee.

Agree an approach, start the journey

We will design a bespoke best agreement with approach and tools. Agree when you will know you will have achieved success and what it will look like.Apply timelines and work to make an initial shift immediately. You change by small stepsdaily,to achieve the big goals oflife. We can then agree on a timescale and initiate the plan.The kettle is boiling.

Do the work!YES there will be work

We all know that continuing the same thinking and actions won’t change the position or place we are currently in. Change is achieved by entering the uncomfortable whilst being and feeling safe. The ideal state I aim to put you into is safe but uncertain.This is where the work and change will be achieved. Adding milk and sugar.

Reflect – what’s next? Support when you need it?

Personal change work and delivering goals can take time. What we can test almost immediately is how the shift in yourself and approach to these goals has changed. Using the tools techniques and approaches I will have provided and the accountability support to ensure you are do what your say you’re going do. You also will have new perception, confidence and belief in yourself.

Do you actually know yourself?

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Successful Stories

I was at breaking point thrown out of my house and let alcohol take over, depressed and in denial. I didn't believe I even had a problem! I was recommended to Peter by a mutual friend. Through some tough conversations and interventions. Peter worked with me to attend AA, supported with CV and linked in profile even attended AA with me due to anxiety, a true commitment!! We worked through my root issues which were not what I expected and I now feel so much more confident and believe in myself. I was not working at the time I believed this to be everyone else fault. Peter held me accountable with a clear plan of action to which he held up the mirror as I took supported action. I could not believe it immediate small change took place. I’m now back living with the wife and kids and have secured employment. My work life balance is so much better, I have found my place in the world and feel myself again. I am so glad I decided to invest in myself and trust in an accountability coach. I will be using Peter on-going for support and recommend him to anyone who needs to get out a funk if serious about taking action.

Dan Weller

My relationship had reached a point of frustration. I did not know where to go or how to fix it. I was forced to ask my husband to leave giving me time to think. Thank god I did, this is where he took things seriously and found Peter. Since then Peter has transformed mine and my husband’s life. He really listens and with practical advice and interventions delivers results fast! If your prepared follow the recommendations and be honest if it does not work first time. For us it was transformational I would 100% recommend. – Jodie Parkins


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Nellie Gibson